Welcome to our little corner of the blogosphere, a spot where you can join us to learn more about our Farmer to Farmer project in Turrialba, Costa Rica.  At the top of the site, you can click on the “About” tab to get some background information on what we aim to do with small-scale farmers over the course of 2011.  A list of project sponsors and partners are on the right.  Click their logos to be swept away to their respective websites, where you can read more about each organization.  If you’re interested, on the bottom of the right column, you can “subscribe” to this blog.  When there’s a new post, you will get an announcement in your email box. 

This coming Sunday we will be posting from CATIE in Turrialba.  The first group of Purdue Extension Educators will be on-the-ground to conduct the first series of workshops with APOT.  We’ll be sharing details on the workshops, what we’re doing and seeing, challenges, lessons learned, foods and drinks we enjoy and those we find not so tasteful, as well as posting some photos to liven things up a bit!  Basically, we’re hoping you might join us as we walk along the road of this experiential learning and teaching adventure, and by doing so, you too might learn a little about…

…how farmers live and work in a region of Costa Rica, how banana vinegar is produced and sold, how a farmer’s market in Turrialba is alike and unlike one in rural Indiana, among many other lessons.

Check back in a few days, we’ll have more to share!

Jim Murren, International Extension Program Coordinator, Purdue University