If you are wondering about the title of this post, it means “Record-keeping for Your Farm”.  I gave this presentation to the Costa Rican farmers today.  Tamara and Eliecer from CATIE were the interpreters. 

It was great to hear all of the feedback from the farmers today.  They were interested in learning more and they had many questions as we worked on the class exercises. 

I’ve been impressed at the high level of trust between Tamara and the Costa Rican farmers during these past few days.  They’ve been willing to discuss both their own farm business practices and the farm market relationships with our group.  It takes hard work to earn trust with farmers, and she’s a great communicator.

I also felt that Scott was very effective in his presentation today based on the round-table discussion that followed.  The farmers clearly realized that the survey he is working on can benefit them.

Most importantly I’ve enjoyed having lunch “catered by Flory” (one of the Costa Rican ladies) during the past two days.  Over dinner this evening we agreed that the home-cooking in Costa Rica is excelente. 

Pura Vida!