We have been in Costa Rica for five days and I still can’t believe I am here. What a beautiful country with wonderful and inventive people. We have met several wonderful farmers and farm families who are concerned about their environment and working hard to make it better for all.

Today we visited an organic sugar cane grower and processor. Talk about innovative! He and his family have worked hard to create a more healthy product in more markets. They have dreams of a tourism business and plan to continue producing and supporting four families with the farm.

We spent several hours this week working with members of a cooperative to help them improve their organization. We were so pleased when we visited their farmer market stand today and saw they had already implemented a few of our suggestions and have more plans in the works.

I know our work here is going to make a positive impact for the APOT members, but I just can’t help thinking how this trip has made such a positive impact on me and what I am going to bring home to my family and my clients.