We have just finished the second day of workshops with APOT and they are a great interactive group! Yesterday, Kris assisted the board of directors in starting to move forward in their organization by updating their by-laws. Today, Bill and I led them through the first sections of developing a business plan for APOT. These individuals are very passionate about their farming operations and the ability to provide their customers with organic raised products that was very evident in the completion of the mission statement worksheets.

I have enjoyed meeting the individuals in APOT and look forward to learning more about their farming operations as we contiue through our stay here in Costa Rica. As a non-Spanish speaking individual, I appreciate the assistance of Tamara, Jim and Kris in their sharing of what the APOT members are saying and insight I have to share on this process. The interaction and questions I am receiving during this business planning program and the insight from the farmers is very similar to what I experience in Indiana.