On Sunday morning we head back to Costa Rica for two week to work with APOT and the indigenous Cabecar community of Grano de Oro, located in the mountains outside of Turrialba.  Building on the momentum from last year, the 2012 project will result in a completed written business plan for APOT and the Cabecars.  The plan will focus on their primary products, notably coffee, bananas and bananan vinegar, as well as their farmer’s markets.

Word from Tamara Benjamin, based at CATIE, is that the farmers are very excited for our arrival.  Hearing that adds a little pep-in-the-step as we prepare for the workshops!  We have a lot of work to do, and seeing what’s been prepared by the team, I have no doubt that we will accomplish APOT and the Cabecars’ goals.  Join us as we embark on another year of teaching and learning by clicking the subscription button on the right hand column!

–Jim Murren, Purdue International Extension Program Coordinator