Our first day was quite a whirlwind! We first met with the coffee production committee to learn what the had accomplished since the last Purdue group was here. They were able to get an estimated amount of coffee to be delivered by the farmer to APOT. This was great information that can be discussed with the board so that the entire organization and prepare for upcoming sales. We also discussed their process to make the coffee and got a tour of their facilities. This will help to make standard operating procedures for APOT, so that others can be trained on the process. The farmers market group also made head way in setting up 1st quality and 2nd quality standards for selling items in the market. They are preparing to make a few changes all at once, and this along with understanding how much it costs to run the market will help them determine how they will price items as well as how membership fees may be adjusted.
Today we visit with the vinegar product committee to see how they have been doing since March.