Wow, this first week is flying!
We have now met with all the product committees, the Board of Directors, and some of the people involved in the organizational committees. The product committees are really doing a great job of understanding their product and how to make it better. The Board has a lot to do to finish the bylaws, but they are well on there way to a solid written document. We discussed their roles for APOT and how they help the other committees do their job. It’s hard for some of them to understand that one person is not in charge, everyone is in charge. This is what still needs to be discussed.
Yesterday, we met with the members to discuss what each organizational committee would do to help APOT. Thirteen members including several board members were present. We used the sticky wall to visualize the relationship between the groups and the roles of each group. The members did a great job. Next week we will meet with the individual’s on each of the committees to make action plans and set up steps for working with the board.
Today, we are meeting to plan our visit to the indigenous farmers. After lunch, we are visiting a chocolate farm!

This is a picture of the volcano. The clouds parted yesterday morning, allowing for a beautiful view during breakfast!